NCE tourism er som kjent medlem i ATTA – Adventure Travel Trade Association. Frem tom 2016 var alle partnere i NCE Tourism kollektivt medlem i ATTA. Denne ordninger er nå opphørt, men NCE Tourism fortsetter sitt medlemskap i ATTA og vil jobbe sammen med ATTA om flere prosjekter i tiden fremover. For de av våre partnerbedrifter som ønsker en internasjonal tilknytning, oppfordres til å tegne direkte medlemskap i ATTA. I den forbindelse viser vi til teksten nedenfor fra ATTA og til uttalelsen fra NCE Tourism vedrørende medlemskap i ATTA.

NCE Tourism anbefaler at den enkelte bedrift som har interesse av å utvikle Adventure Tourism å tegne medlemskap i ATTA. Dette er den største og mest anerkjente organisasjonen innenfor dette feltet av turisme, og her kan man få tilgang til oppdatert informasjon om utviklingen innen dette området samt at man får anledning til å delta i internasjonale møte og konferanser som ATTA arrangerer. I teksten nedenfor finner dere også en link til ATTA for mer informasjon om organisasjonen.


Dear NCE Member,

This email directly concerns your company/organization and renewing your access to the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), the most vibrant global business community of more than 1,300 members representing 100 countries, as well as the most productive and specialized network of adventure travel buyers and journalists. This email also is intended to a brief update you on the status of the long-time partnership between NCE Tourism – Fjord Norway and the ATTA which may very well have relevance to your operations for 2017 and in the coming years.

By way of background, you may recall that in 2014, NCE Tourism and the ATTA entered into a three year agreement (2015-2017) whereby relevant NCE member companies/organizations, including yours, became ATTA members. In that agreement, NCE paid your annual ATTA membership dues between 2015-2016, but due to changes in NCE’s funding situation last summer, the NCE was unable to secure your membership in the ATTA for 2017. In effect, your membership expired with the end of 2016.

Here at the ATTA, is my sincere hope that your organization will consider reinvesting and rejoining the ATTA. As you may have heard, the ATTA has increasingly strengthened the adventure tourism network throughout the Nordic region, and in particular, in Norway. Plus, adventure tourism buyers/agents worldwide are increasingly taking interest in Scandinavia, which is now considered one of the destinations in greatest demands based on the ATTA’s 2017 Industry Snapshot research. Now is time to re-engage and take advantage of the many benefits (e.g., buyer and journalist access, trade and consumer exposure, research, knowledge resources, secure digital community, events, etc.) – click here to understand Why you should join the ATTA.

In the meanwhile, the ATTA and NCE have discussed possible future collaborative efforts and expect to soon share these new initiatives with you. I’ve asked Dag Jarle Aksnes, NCE Tourism – Fjord Norway Director, to offer his thoughts about our invitation to you and here’s what he shared:

  • «As NCE Tourism – Fjord Norway sets in motion our new, long-range initiatives to support NCE Members here in Fjord Norway, it is my hope, which I share with Chris, that each NCE Member with a serious interest in responsible tourism development here in Norway, step up and re-join the ATTA community. The ATTA is a long time valuable partner to Fjord Norway and NCE. For the past decade, the ATTA has not only emerged to become one of the most progressive, fresh and effective organizations in the leisure tourism industry, it has taken a leadership role in here in the Nordic region and has delivered on its promises. Now, NCE and the ATTA are set to re-engage and help Fjord Norway’s tourism stakeholders forge a new path toward a collectively sustainable future. As we here at NCE continue to invest in you, we ask you to continue your support of NCE and to rejoin the ATTA today.» Dag Jarle Aksnes, NCE Tourism – Fjord Norway Director

On behalf of the ATTA team, I am available to address any of your questions and am prepared to help you renew your membership today.

Best regards,


Postet av Iselin Andrea Ødemark