NCE Tourism and Fjord Norway have worked intensely for years to bring international operators specializing in Cycling to our region. We are now thrilled to announce success, and are delighted to expand the range of exciting activities to our region.

In 2019, three (3) industry-leading cycling tour operators, Trek Travel, Sacred Rides and Bicycle Adventures, are launching trips with set departures in Fjord Norway. The initial response for the new products has been fantastic, and excites the prospect for a great experience for clients.

We have started to promote the ride to our past clients and VIPs, and we’ve received lots of interest already.Meredith Wires, Rider Happiness Manager Sacred Rides

“We are thrilled to offer a new itinerary in 2019 in Norway. The response from our customers has been wildly positive and most of our 2019 departures are filling up quickly.” Katherine Usher, Sales Manager Trek Travel

Trek Travel…

Is offering 6 departures to the Fjord region of Norway in 2019. Read more about why they decided to offer the trip in Fjord Norway, and check out the itinerary. 

“The landscape here is simply unreal. Mountains jump right out of the sea. Carpets of wildflowers along every mile of roadside. No kidding, all the folks I met greeted me with the warmest smiles even before we shook hands or spoke. Drivers all waved as they passed. I was offered my pick of apples right from a farmer’s tree. I sampled Norwegian beers, and got tips from the innkeeper on where to find the best waterfalls. I ate smoked salmon, perfectly ripe veggies and freshly baked cookies. I learned the real story of the Vikings. I pedaled up other-wordly climbs, matched only by those in the Pyrenees and tucked low on descents like some of the best in the Rockies. I want to tell everyone and no-one about this Scandinavian treasure.”

Tony Ferlisi, Guide and Trip Designer

“The photos of the riding are absolutely breathtaking. I am so excited for our customers to experience this Nordic region, with it’s unique history and stunning natural landscape.”

Katherine Usher, Sales Manager

Check out Trek Travel´s 2019 Fjord Norway trips here!


Sacred Rides…

Are excited to be offering a 7-day single-track mountain bike adventure in Norway for 2019. Read more about why they chose Fjord Norway as their next destination, and check out the itinerary.

“Last year, we surveyed our Riders of where they’d like to ride next, and Norway came out on top. We weren’t surprised on their vote! The natural beauty, culture and off-the-beaten path trails offer up technical and challenging riding complemented by unique post-ride experiences and awe-inspiring landscapes. It’s no wonder Norway is next on the bucket list. “

“Riders won’t only get a taste of the amazing single-track. The itinerary also includes a few extra adventures – from white-water canoeing to sea kayaking on Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. We’re hoping to highlight the diversity of activities in the region as well as boutique hotels, local cuisine and breweries ideal for a mountain bike tourism destination. There is lots of potential to expand and build on the itinerary in the years to come. It’s a great destination for small-group rides and adventurous souls.»

Meredith Wires, Rider Happiness Manager

Check out Sacred Rides trip here!

Bicycle Adventures…

Bicycle Adventures had a couple of test trips already in 2018, and are offering 5 different departures in 2019.

Check out the 5 trips here!



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